The Fall of Summer

Promised some dear friends I’d start writing again, so here we are.  We’re into the meat of the semester now that summer’s well and truly done.

Back up.

Summer only just ended and I’ve already been in the thick of it.  Such is grad school, I guess.  Turned in one project last week, turning in another tonight, and turning in one more next week.  And let’s not even talk about exams.

And yet, it feels like I haven’t really done all that much.  Just look at this place for starters…  Haven’t really done much in my lab yet either, until last night.  Haven’t done my novel at all, or my programming project.

What have I done, then?  Overwatch.  I can’t play Tracer <>, but I like to think I’m not bad at it.  And yet, what am I actually doing with my life?  More to come on this…

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