Out of the Gate

Well, the goal of writing a post a day lasted, didn’t it?  Nicely done…

Ah well, back on the horse today.

So, how am I doing with the “new life” thing?  Let’s see…  I haven’t played video games since announcing the desire to quit.  3 days and counting so far, but it’s always the long game that trips me up.

Have I been rising?  I’d think there’s a fair argument there.  I got the forensics work done before the deadline and was able to do whatever during work today instead of rushing to get it in under the wire.  I’ve also started programming again.  I’d link my GitHub to show you, but there’s nothing really to show at this point - this particular project is private for just as long as it takes me to get around to adding the business logic itself.  I will say this, though: any of my friends who have a habit they’re trying to break out of might find it interesting.  I’ll put the technical details and outline in another post, but in short, it is a program to hold me accountable for the progress I’m making in these habits.  A digital accountability buddy, if you will.

Am I present?  This is something I can do some more work on.  Mindfulness and meditation is something that I’ve picked up once again, but there’s more that I can do.  Sometimes I just zone out and miss things.  It’s another thing I’ve dealt with all my life, but while I’m working on rebuilding these things, why not?

Getting up early?  Uh…about that.   That’s gone as well as posting once a day.  Maybe starting that the day after seeing “Snowden” and not getting home until 0200 wasn’t the best idea…  :roll: Today was slightly better, but there’s still more to be done - namely, staying out of bed once up!

Dale Carnegie.  I need to get back to reading that book, but what lessons it has taught so far have proven helpful.  There was a little period today where I felt like I was spiraling out of control with this new programming project, but I think I’ve reined it in…for now.

Daring to Try?  Well, this programming thing has involved several leaps of faith into deep and weird rabbit holes so far.  I think that counts, but is another thing to watch.

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