All's Quiet on the Texan Front

Timestamp: Thursday 6th October 2016 at 22:57

I don’t know.

Had trouble sleeping last night for some reason, so it was one of those weird days where it felt like I was sleepwalking through the entire day and no amount of coffee could wake me up. Thankfully the midterm I was supposed to have today was pushed off until next week. I’m ready for it, but I’d just like to get it over with. The other midterm that was originally scheduled for next week and would’ve made Tuesday suck got pushed off too, so the scheduling all kinda works out anyway.

Between the lack of sleep and the monster headache that decided to show up today I didn’t feel like much beyond going through the motions. Fortunately it seemed like the world decided to join me in quiet. Literally nothing noteworthy happened today except for the 49ers somehow almost coming back at the end of the game (and screwing it up, because come on, one Bay Area team has to suck! It’s just not fair…) There was a little recruiting event for my pending employer that I got to hang out at for a bit, but even that was mostly attracting people outside of cybersecurity. Still weird thinking I’m almost done with school, possibly for good.

Too tired to even think about gaming, so there’s that anyway. Good night y’all.

Oh, I did also more or less settle on my novel idea.  At least for this week…

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