It’s only Thursday and I can already tell this’ll be the toughest weekend yet for this whole project.  The hype around Civilization VI is incredible - and I was right there with the rest of everyone on the internet for the last two iterations.  Similarly, this time around it’s proving difficult to not get caught up in the excitement.  I mean, listen to this.


This is my jam.  I get damn near obsessive over this sort of music.  (And yes, Baba Yetu is still on my playlist after all these years).  Thanks internet, I needed a new musical obsession.

But really, just try and not get excited listening to it.  The composer did his job well, to be sure.  And yet, I know that if I give in and get the game that apparently releases tonight at midnight it’s all over.  I won’t be doing a single thing for the rest of the weekend, and even into next week it’ll be tough to drag myself back to work and class…

Yeah, y’all know where I’m going with this.  No matter what, I cannot let that happen.  There’s too much riding on my success to falter now.

But when literally everyone around is talking about it and excited about it?  This is going to be tough.  I’ve got ideas for weekend projects and ways to keep busy, but this just feeds back into what I have been writing about for the past week or so: willpower as inertia versus the spark to actually do things.  This is how Rome fell.  This is the hardest test I’ve yet to face, but face it I must.

Looks like I’ll have to figure out this brain hacking thing faster than I thought.

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