End of the Third Week

Timestamp: Sunday, 23rd October at 22:46

How do weeks work?  The Reddit bot tells me I’m at 24 days though, so I’ll take it.  What a week, and where to begin…?  I’m still game-free, thanks grad school!  Seriously, being on campus until 9:30 or 10 every night is probably the number one factor in my success thus far.  The urge to play a game is still there, lurking, waiting for me to lower my guard.  The fact that I’m not near my gaming computer for pretty much every waking hour is sometimes all that’s keeping me from relapse.  That, and the laptop I bought myself as a “be kind to myself and congratulations for finishing an intense internship” present that just so happens to not be able to run games.  That helps too.

I made it through midterms with a solid B across the board.  It could’ve been better, but I’ll take it.  I’ll damn well take it.  I was going to spend today working on a group project, but while I was in church a group member emailed to ask to wait until Tuesday…  Okay, I guess, though I thought we were pushing it already.

That’s something I’m still struggling with: filling the void of things to do.  I just need that spark that I mentioned at the beginning of last week.  If I can get that and get started on things, I’m good.  Just as the words are flowing now - I wrote one blog post tonight, this one’s flowing even easier, and I probably have another in me if it were’s already time for bed.  But up until I started doing things around 1700 today, I had done nothing since church ended at 11:30.  I needed the spark of one of my dear friends talking to me on the phone to actually get up, do some of the cleaning I was going to do, go for a run, and generally actually do things.

Tomorrow’s another day, though, and I have a whiteboard now.  Maybe charting out that post from last week as I’ve been meaning to do will give me the spark I need for a good Monday.  Maybe another 2 mile or so run to wake me up?  On a side note, I did discover that soon I’ll be able to ride my bike from my place to the city’s trail network a couple miles down a busy stretch of road that’s been under construction pretty much since I moved here.  I think my legs are already burning from that hill…

Or perhaps I’ll write that third blog post to start my day.  The words are at my fingertips literally and figuratively, but I have been exhausted all day for whatever reason.  Plus, I think I’m starting to get the hang of the “get up early” part of things.

Can’t stop now.

Won’t stop now.

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