Just a Spark

Sports are dumb.

I love them all the same.

Stupid Osweiler - $72 million and he can’t complete even a checkdown to one of the top 5 receivers in the league.  Come on now.  And yet I’ll watch again next week.  Don’t even get me started on the Cubs.

Seriously, that was ridiculous and I still haven’t gotten over it.  Anyway, right, I’ve actually made some progress this week (unlike my dear Texans).  Today marks two days in a row that I’ve managed to get up on my own terms.  Yesterday was closer to what I originally outlined as what I wanted, but today was still better than what I have been doing.  After getting pissed at myself for letting my breakfast kolaches spoil on Monday in my haste to get out and get to campus, I was forced to really confront what I let myself do in the mornings.  I hope I’m finally on the path to getting up on time, but we’ll see.

That may have been the spark I needed, even if grabbing a couple bagels and a bottle of orange juice at Einsteins isn’t the most economical way of going about doing it.  Now if only I could find that spark for everything else.

See, I haven’t actually done anything with that extra time.  I mean, I’ve made some progress on Accountability during some downtime at work.  I’ve been more generally at peace with things when I arrive on campus in the morning, even having a bit of extra time that I don’t quite know what to do with.  I tried to go vote early yesterday but the line was too long - it’s done now though - and I’ve gotten some progress in Pokemon Go which is apparently a thing again.  No, I’m not counting it as a game since it barely even counts as one on its own and it also gets me active.  It’s even been easier to fill the rings on my watch that measure some kind of physical activity.  I’ve been oddly productive at work too - I guess it’s that time of the semester when things are coming through hard and fast to where I need to be.

Okay, so maybe I have been up to a number of things.  But, y’know… I don’t really feel fulfilled.  It’s weird.  I enjoy what I do during the day even though there certainly are moments where I’d like to literally and figuratively facepalm, but even busy as I am I feel like I should do more.  I can do more.  There’s a ton of idle time in my life still, and I could stand to use up some (or all) of it with these projects I am doing and want to do, or learning to do whatever.

I just need a spark.

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