That Hugo Thing

I’ve used WordPress for years. Since back in the 2.x days, even. I love it, still recommend it, and generally support everything they’re doing, but it’s quickly outgrown what I need. Truth is, y’all, I’m really not doing enough with the site to call for a dynamic php-based solution. Fact is, WordPress plugins have a rather hilarious number of vulnerabilities; as a cybersecurity professional, minimizing my attack surface is an ongoing .

Introducing Accountability

And now for something completely different: I promised y’all yesterday that I’d talk a little about the program I’m writing to help keep myself on track as well. Accountability is your binary accountability buddy. I’m building it using Flask and Python 3. Really, it’s a small thing and Flask is probably overkill for it, but email is hard. Yes, email. Sure, it’s just SMTP and MIME under the hood, but getting it to be reliably delivered is a big problem.

A Better xDoTool

Pleased to present my first “production” programming project: a wrapper for the venerable xDoTool used for, among other things, sending keystrokes to a remote x11 session. I generally prefer ssh, but I (and the team I’m a part of) end up using x11 forwarding enough that typing out [code]space[/code] among other things was getting to be a pain. Python 3.5, and very rough at this point, but I think it’s about ready to show off.