Day 5: Distractions to Keep Me On Track?

Timestamp: Wednesday, 5th October at 23:01

Wednesdays are my short days at work, so I have an absolute ton of free time.  And yet, not enough to really do much.  As soon as I get into working on a real project for class or for myself, it’s time to go to grab dinner or go to class or what have you.  Guess how I’ve been filling this time up to this week…

If you said games, you get a cookie!  I must admit I would even play Hearthstone during the weekly CSA meeting as I listened because it often times was just talking about stuff I already knew thanks to hearing the talk last year (and practicing this stuff in my spare time).  The fact that I never did so in class despite years of having a computer at my fingertips (even in high school) is a rather sickening point of pride now that I look back on it.

Hi I’m Charles and gaming consumed my life.

Obviously, that means I was extra on guard this afternoon and evening.  No way in Hell am I letting myself slip up when I see it a mile coming.  And yet… I almost did.  I’ve got to level with y’all - the craving was there in full force today.  I’m not proud of it, but every time I had a quiet moment today I was tempted to give in.  I am, however, very proud to say that I didn’t give in!

For those of y’all who consider this as just another thing, shove it.  I read an article this evening in the Washington Post about the problem gaming is having on the US economy.  I’d love to see that get tackled in one of the debates, but that’s just me.

How did I do it?  Simple - I didn’t let myself have many quiet moments at all!

I started writing creatively again and trying to have some sort of structure to it rather than this stream of consciousness stuff I toss up on here.  (Hint: this is me when I’m not particularly caring about the mechanics of my writing!)  And let me tell you, the words don’t flow as easily when you’re thinking about all that stuff.  As a result, all of what I wrote earlier as writing exercises is fairly terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Apparently my body isn’t the only thing that needs to get back in shape…

Oh God… NaNoWriMo is just over three weeks away.;

Strap yourselves in y’all!

Now for the eternal question: which of the four or five story ideas I came up with this year to roll with…?

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